Alpine Microbial Observatory
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Data Model

This page shows the design and logic flow of our database model. Mouse-over items for a description. Click here to return to the main Data Design page.


locationID int(11) *
locationName varchar(50)
UTMzone varchar(5)

float (s)

northing float (s)
collector  int(8)
elevationm  float
locationError float
GPSloc  char(1)
GPSsourceDoc varchar(50)
referenceDoc varchar(50)
locDescription text
LocRationale  text
textualLocation varchar(255)


soilsampleID int(8) *
locationID int(11)
sampleDate date
sampleTime time
sampLocID int(11)
textualDateTime text
soilSampleName varchar(50)
collector varchar(50) (l)
depthcm float
topDepthcm float
samplingConditions varchar(255)
snowCover char(1)
snowDepthcm float
referenceDoc varchar(50)
samplingMethod text


dldataID int(11) *
locationID int(8)
sampleDate date
sampleTime time
temp0 Float
temp10  Float
temp30  Float
PAR Float
moisture  Float


sequenceID int(11) *
soilsampleID int(8)
sequenceName varchar(25)
GenBankNumber varchar(25)
GenBankDefinition varchar(255)
gene varchar(25) (l)
pairs int(11)
sequence text


bioGeoChemID int(11) *
soilSampleID int(11)
factorName varchar(25) (l)
value float
units varchar(25)(l)
error float
referenceDoc varchar(50)
dataset varchar(25)