Alpine Microbial Observatory
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Graduate Opportunities

Training of graduate students is one of the top priorities of the AMO. We are especially committed to interdisciplinary graduate training. Thus our graduate students become proficient in at least two of the disciplines represented by the AMO faculty, i.e. Microbiology (Schmidt, Nemergut), Evolutionary Biology (Martin, Guralnick), Bioinformatics (Guralnick) and Biogeochemistry (Neff, Schmidt).

Currently 5 graduate students are working on AMO related projects. In addition, since the inception of the AMO in 2000, 5 Ph.D.s have been awarded to graduate students doing work at the AMO (see our list of dissertations). More information about the graduate programs associated with the AMO can be obtained the individual departments of the AMO faculty: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies.


Wet meadow in winter. Mike Weintraub and Liz Costello taking under-snow samples.