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  • A. Talus site during snow melt, B. Inset shows instrument for measuring carbon dioxide flues of talus soils. (photo by Monte Pescador)

  • Talus site during snow melt (early August in most years). (photo by Monte Pescador)

  • Spruce fir site looking towards Arapaho glacier.

  • Diana, Cory, Al and Steve sampling the spruce fir site in summer. (photo by Monte Pescador)

  • Monte Pescador at talus 1 site in summer of 2003. (photo by Monte Pescador)

  • Chris Schadt at talus 1 site in winter.

  • Talus in summer from Niwot ridge. (photo by Al Meyer)

  • Talus in spring from Niwot ridge. (photo by Al Meyer)