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Recent coverage on the NSF and other websites:


A partial account of our month-long trip to the Andes in March 2006 appears in:

Living the High Life: The mountaintop environment of the Andes harbors a Noah’s ark of previously undocumented species. Natural History vol. 115(7), pp. 44-50 (Sept. 2006) [Abstract]

Story by Kevin Krajick, Photographs by Carsten Peter


Cover photo from Environmental Microbiology, August 2006.

"Microbes under Ice" (Introduction (2.5MB), Program (16.1MB)), from NPR's Earth and Sky, April 5, 2004.

Cover photograph from ASM News, November 2003.

Neither Cold Nor Snow Stops Tundra Fungi, from Science, September 5, 2003

Fungi Find May Alter View of Global Warming, from Washington Post, September 8, 2003


Niwot Ridge in summer